Welcome!  Today we have officially 'relaunched' the afxMedia website.  We're still testing and tweaking (for just a few more days), but hopefully you won't notice anything out of place.

At the same time, we are introducing our new Consumer and Business Technology Blog (yes, you are reading it now) where we'll be sharing tech news and reviews for just about everything consumer and business IT related.  More after the break... 

We already have lots of new content planned for the blog, so please check back often - or go ahead and subscribe (email or RSS) to be notified whenever new content is posted. 

We have a few new features coming, too!  In the next week, we'll be turning on Secure File Sharing for registered users.  Files will be secured by user, team, group or organization - depending on customer needs.  We'll post more about this feature once it goes live.

We are also developing a Technology Forum, where we and site members can discuss, share knowledge and maybe help each other.  No one knows everything, but everyone knows something.  We hope the Tech Forum will become a great place to share, learn and grow.

Thanks! We're glad you're here and hope you come back often!