Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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Enterprise IT


We have 30+ years of experience with Enterprise IT, we understand it and we still love it!  We take all of our client or customer relationships seriously and pride ourselves on building trusted, mutual partnerships.

We can work at all levels of an organization, comfortable in a project management role working with senior leadership, key stakeholders and technology owners; or we're just as happy to play a consulting role, supporting you behind the scenes.

Services Include:

  • Your Technology Partner
  • Broad Capabilities...
  • ...Depth of Expertise
  • Enterprise Experience
  • Desktop, End User Support
  • Telecoms
  • Conferencing Technology
  • Mobile, MDM, MAM
  • Web and Application Development
  • Project Management
  • Team and Process Focused
  • Organization Agility

Service Showcase

Wireless Network Survey and Analysis

If you have wireless network issues, we can pinpoint the problem, from low signal, high noise, overlapping channels or just too many clients per AP.  We know how to resolve any issue and get your wireless network back to top performance.

We provide detailed survey reports and work with our clients to make cost-effective improvements.  Another report afterward provides positive, visual confirmation of effective changes.

Large Office, low signal issue resolved...
Large Office, low signal in right half...


Security Audit

If you're concerned about network security, let us help put your mind at ease.  We can perform a thorough review that includes identifying all devices, a complete network traffic analysis, router and firewall log reviews, isolating outbound client traffic to potentially unsafe destinations, detection of unsolicited inbound requests and identification of all open ports.

We provide written reports for our clients' review and determination of any remediation actions to be taken.


Executive Boardroom / Multi-Media Conference Room

Built for the senior executive team of a large global enterprise, this conference room leaves nothing out. Because of extreme capabilities, it also serves as the Crisis Management room.

The room includes Satellite TV, various digital media sources, versatile easy-to-use touch screen control panels, 8 HD cameras (6 front, 2 rear), high quality local and remote audio and presentation enhancements, such as SmartBoard.

The room has event broadcast and digital recording capability, as well.

Custom designed wiring access...
All wiring is clean, neat and hidden...
Custom User Interface on AMX touch panel...
User accessible media options...
Large, custom designed teleprompter...
Custom designed podium...
The ultimate multi-media conference room...
Built for large meetings and comfort...